Private sessions

The goal of the private sessions is to accompany you in your conscious process of change and improvement, helping you to find back your way, in a star of confidence, safety and respect.

Each person is different and has different needs, and therefore on the basis of their needs I use . In the sessions I work putting in place all everything that I have learned during this last 20 years (Reiki, Coaching, Intuitive massage, Ericksonian hypnosis, EFT, Meditation, Tao, etc) with empathy, consciousness, heart and respect, in a space of confidence where the person can feel safe and cared for. 

If you have any doubt or would like to arrange an appointment, please write to:

E-mail: info@taoyoga.es

Whatsapp: +34 686 586 505


¡From the 12 to the 22 of December 2019 at Tao Garden (Thailand)!