Carlos Vegas

Lawyer by profession. After surviving a deadly car accident in 1996, I started to explore alternative/complementary treatments and therapies. I have been trained in different taoist practices during the last 15 years in Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands and Thailand (at the Tao Garden). I am a Certified Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao System of Master Mantak Chia and Organizer for Spain of the  European Tour of Master Chia. 

During the last years I have delivered trainings of Chi Kung, Tao Yin, meditation/mindfulness and relaxation in yoga centers, universities, private companies, hospitals, public organisms and international organizations in Europea, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Appart from delivering workshops on a regular basis, I offer private sessions where I combines several of the techniques I have trained in (Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki, NLP, guided meditations, relaxation, massage, etc).



Adicional trainings:
– Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP and Leadership at the Universidad Isabel I (2018-2019, Madrid)
– EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), with Luis Bueno (2019, Madrid)
– Kung Fu Wushu at Escuela Superior Wudao (2016-2019, Madrid)
– Tantric massage, with Hari Dass (2019, Madrid)
– Ericksonian hypnosis, with Luis Bueno (2018, Madrid)
– Mindfulness and MBSR, with Pedro Laguna (2018, Madrid)
– Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Liu Zheng and Shu-Yuan Chen (2018, Madrid)
– Tantra, with Astiko Ji (2017, Madrid) and Hari Dass (2018/2019, Madrid)
– Basic Tao and Refinement of sexual energy, with Juan Li (2017, Gran Canaria)
– Psych-K, with Peter González Miller (2016, Madrid).
– Coaching, at the International School of Coaching (2010-2011, Brussels)
– Sensitive massage, at the  Ecole de Massage Sensitif Belge (2010, Brussels)
– Meditation, with Alejandro Jodorowsky (2007, Madrid and 2008, Barcelona) and at the Ischia School of Zen Shiatsu (2004-2010, Brussels)
– Reiki II with Patricia Antigné (2008, Brussels)
– Yoga, at Sivananda Yoga (1999, Madrid)
 Silva Method (1998, Madrid)
– Reiki I, with Mayni Aceves (1998, Madrid)




E-mail: info@taoyoga.es

Phone: +34 686 586 505